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The challenges we are currently facing

Following defamatory remarks against Lerab Ling by a lawyer in Montpellier that were published in the regional newspaper Midi Libre in December 2017, we have decided to take legal action to clear our name. The lawyer accused Lerab Ling of being a cult and said it is better not to close the centre down because "that would force those who frequent the centre to re-integrate into society when they have lost their bearings. As in all cult movements, people are deprived of their identity and are cut off from their family."

Such allegations are grossly untrue, yet they carry the weight of a lawyer's words and the effect has been devastating. This article is the culmination of a series of similar press articles, and the result is that many people in our region now perceive Lerab Ling in a very negative light as they have no reason not to believe what is said in the newspapers.

We believe that the time has come to put a stop to such defamatory allegations and to defend who we are and what we do, in short, we want to restore our integrity and reputation.

All members of the Lerab Ling community enjoy full freedom of thought, we are responsible and intelligent and deeply sincere; we dedicate our lives to making the Buddha's teachings available to as many people as possible. We simply wish to practise our faith freely.

As you can imagine the description given by this lawyer has tangible harmful effects on our families and our professional lives, especially in a country where cults are judged very severely. Many members of our community live in nearby towns and villages, we have children who go to school and some of us work in the health sector or in professions that are built on trust. This repeated defamation of Lerab Ling in the press has given rise to feelings of considerable insecurity and anxiety.

Our initiative to take legal action is not done lightly and is very exceptional for our community. We simply want to make it clear that these allegations are grossly untrue.
Thank you for your interest in Lerab Ling. We trust you will continue to enjoy our varied programme as you have done in the past.

Warm wishes,

Dominique Side - Superior of the Rigpa Lerab Ling religious congregation
Samuel Truscott - Director of Lerab Ling

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