Meditation Explained Simply

A public talk with Tibetan Buddhist master Tsoknyi Rinpoche.

We have the pleasure to welcome Tsoknyi Rinpoche to Lerab Ling. Don’t miss this opportunity to receive teachings on meditation from one of the greatest masters of our day.

Tsoknyi Rinpoche is renowned for his interactive teaching style and his quality of clarifying the subtle points and challenges of our practice, drawing on many years of teaching in the West. Rinpoche is one of those rare teachers whose light-hearted, yet illuminating style appeals to both beginners and advanced practitioners alike. He is truly a bridge between ancient wisdom and the modern mind.

His fresh insights into the western psyche have enabled him to teach and write in a way that touches our most profound awareness, using metaphors, stories and images that point directly to our everyday experience. He is widely recognized as a brilliant meditation teacher, is the author of three books, Open Heart, Open Mind, Carefree Dignity, and Fearless Simplicity, and has a keen interest in the ongoing dialogue between western research, especially in neuroscience, and Buddhist practitioners and scholars.

Please note - This public talk is on donation basis. Please register before coming as places are limited.

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