Christmas Retreat

Meditating for oneself and for others.

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This retreat is presented by a team of experienced instructors:
Philippe Cornu, Tenzin Jigme, Odile De Simone, frederic Chastelas. Read more...

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The Christmas Retreat Instructor Team

DBrohon Bio iconePhilippe Cornu
is the Honorary President of the Institute of Buddhist Studies (IEB), University Professor in Buddhism and History of Religions at UCL (Belgium) and Lecturer in O Languages in Paris (INALCO) and the ISTR (Catholic Institute of Paris).

He is the author of many books, including "The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Buddhism" (Seuil, 2006) and "The Tibetan Book of the Dead" (Buchet-Chastel, 2009), is an unprecedented translation of Tibetan and commented on this classic of Tibetan Buddhism.

PFabre Bio icone Tenzin Jigme
Tenzin Jigme was born into a family of innkeepers and worked in the same field as well as in the insurance business. Jigme discovered Buddhism as a teenager and became seriously ill as a young adult. This is when he found support in the Buddhist philosophy and felt the urge to study and practice this path.

After following a three-year retreat Jigme was ordained by the Dalai Lama in 2010. He has been living in Lerab Ling for the past twelve years and is currently engaged in the
Personal Retreat Program as well as in welcoming Buddhist masters who come to teach in Lerab Ling.

PTanant Bio icone Odile de Simone
Odile de Simone is a student of and an instructor trained by Sogyal Rinpoche since 1983. During this time she had the privilege to meet and receive teachings from many teachers of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Since 1997 she held courses and events on meditation and on compassion. Odile has also been a guide for the visitors of the Lerab Ling Tibetan Buddhist centre.

PTanant Bio icone Frédéric Chastelas
After studying philosophy at the University of Montpellier, Frederic dedicated his life to the study and practice of Buddhism, during which time he met many great Tibetan Buddhist teachers in Europe and in the East. In 2006 he took part in the 3 year retreat at Lerab Ling under the guidance of Sogyal Rinpoche. Since then he lives at Lerab Ling and is part of the practicing community.

Frédéric Chastelas studied and practiced Buddhism since 1997. From 2006 to 2009 he joined the three-year retreat held in Lerab Ling. He trained as a retreat instructor and supports students during long-term retreats.

Frédéric developed the Personal Retreats programme especially to encourage all those who wish to come to Lerab Ling to experience the practice of meditation with the guidance of experienced practitioners. As an instructor, Fred holds regular events on meditation, compassion and Vajrayana.

Since 2009 Frédéric teaches meditation during events organised by Rigpa and helped to develop a programme of personal retreat in Lerab Ling – offering the opportunity to discover or deepen the practice of meditation to anyone who is interested. Frédéric is part of a team of instructors who hold regular courses and weekend events on meditation, compassion and other practices of Tibetan Buddhism.

To see the programme for Rigpa students please log in with your "Rigpa Admin & Care" email and password. If you are a student from another sangha and you think you qualify to participate to this event, please send an email to