Environmental Policy

The Lerab Ling Community is committed to protecting our environment and responding to climate change.

Environmental and Sustainable Decision Making – We are reducing our 'carbon footprint' through community living, with a centralized kitchen, laundry, heating system, common areas and compact living spaces, and by regularly reviewing our energy use.  A carbon offset scheme is also being explored for retreatants who travel to and from Lerab Ling.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy – Lerab Ling has invested in a centralized Wood Heating System for all buildings on the site, fuelled by local renewable resources. We are promoting energy-saving behaviour and adopting low energy devices, such as appliances and lightbulbs, providing public transport during large events, and are researching and testing other renewable energy systems for the site.

Environmentally Friendly Design, Products, and Material – We use local or certified wood, eco-label cleaning products, organic compost in the gardens. We also employ eco-friendly materials and green design and technology in all our buildings. All forms of future development in Lerab Ling will meet the highest environmental building standards.

Sustainable Food Production – Lerab Ling is maximising its purchase of bulk, locally produced, and organic foods. We provide a predominantly vegetarian diet, as meat production has a number of adverse effects on the environment. Since 2010 we have organic food gardens, including a trial area and a forest garden.

Protecting Lerab Ling’s Environment – We are introducing water saving measures, and installing test 'dry' toilets. The amount of laundry detergent we use has been reduced by one-third and we do not use any fabric softener. Lerab Ling is also developing a Water Strategy, including water saving and recuperation measures, and implementing a landscaping and tree planting plan. We have minimized the use of cars and have banned smoking on site, and plan to engage in more active 'stewardship' and management of our forests.

Responsible Waste Management – We have implemented a comprehensive recycling system in Lerab Ling; there is a composting system for food waste, and a personal mug scheme has been introduced, eliminating plastic cups and minimizing the use of disposable utensils. We also plan to develop use of our sewerage waste as fertilizer.

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