The Long-life Tsa tsa Project

Sponsor one or more of the long-life tsa tsas that are being made in Lerab Ling.

Tsa tsas are small holy objects representing the Buddha and are made in a meditative state while reciting prayers and practices. Making tsa tsas is said to support our capacity to transform our mind and to realize the path to enlightenment.

Currently 100,000 long-life tsa tsas are being made in Nepal and Lerab Ling in the same tradition as was done in ancient Tibet but using more modern materials.

Sponsoring a the long-life tsa tsas with pure motivation is considered one of the most powerful ways to overcome challenges regarding one’s own longevity. Any offering done to these holy objects creates enormous merit.

The costs of making one tsa tsa is approximately €10. You are welcome to sponsor one or more tsa tsas and share in the merit of this auspicious project.

Thank you for your generosity. 

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