Meditation, Nutrition and Well-being

Taking care of our body and mind using the traditional Zen method.


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No matter what our age is, we all wish to be healthy and stay healthy, but do we know how to take care of our health in a deep and authentic way? Do we fully understand how body and mind can work hand in hand to help us develop a harmonious and stable life?

Med sante artThis retreat is an opportunity to revitalise our being by experimenting with and putting into practice the ancestral and traditional method coming from the Zen patriarchs—and eventually experiencing the results first hand. We will explore how the practice of meditation, combined with a simple and streamlined diet, and some physical activity can help us take care of our being as a whole.

This method has been used since 20015 in many health retreats held in Plum Village (Thich Nhat Hanh’s retreat centre in France) with positive results on our body, mind, moods and in reducing stress.

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Phap Lu Bio IconPhap Tap Bio IconBrother Thay Phap Lu (who is a trained physician with experience) and Brother Jean-Pierre Gautier, dharma teachers and senior students of the Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, will guide us through a programme composed of sitting and walking meditation, Buddhist teachings, total relaxation, group sharing and Qi Gong. There will also be silent periods especially during lunches. Daily health and nutrition workshops will be offered during this event.

Example of a daily schedule
06:00 Waking up
06:30 Qi Gong
07:30 Sitting meditation and reading Buddhist teachings
08:30 Teachings on meditation & health (Brother Phap Lu)
09:30 Breakfast in silence
10:30 Hicking or Qi Gong (depending on weather)
12:30 Total relaxation
13:00 Lunch (light diet or fruit and vegetable juice if you choose to fast)
16:30 Sharing in group
17:30 Qi Gong with bamboo sticks or moving with mindfulness
18:30 Diner
20:00 Workshop followed by an evening meditation
22:00 Sleeping time and silence until 10am.

Here you find an overview of the Complete Buddhist Path offered in Rigpa.

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