Other entities based in Lerab Ling and their teams - 

La Source

LaSource Team 2019

La Source is a limited company which is responsible for the commercial activities in Lerab Ling. It takes care of the food, accommodation and transport services as well as the Windhorse shop and café.

From left to right: Olivier Laplace (Gérant), Patricia Castan (Welcome centre), Dominique Hanriat (Laundry and cleaning), Patricia Planes (Windhorse boutique), David Plazanet (Kitchen coordinator)

Rigpa Europe

Rigpa Europe Team 2019

Rigpa Europe is an ‘association loi 1901’ which owns the land and the buildings. Rigpa Europe is responsible for the maintenance of the buildings, the temple and its sacred decorations, as well as the temple visits for the public.

From left to right: Dominique Hilly (President), Cécile Boquint (Temple decoration), Eleonore Jourdan (responsible for the visits)

Rigpa GIE

Rigpa GIE Team 2019 v2 

Rigpa GIE is in charge of the administrative department, payroll and financial services for the Lerab Ling congregation, La Source, Rigpa Europe and Zam.

From left to right: Dominique Hily (administrator), Isabelle Riviere (administration and human resources), Nelly Duvernay (Accounting).

Rigpé Yeshé

Rigpe Yeshe 2019 v2

Rigpé Yeshé is an ‘association 1901’ which develops and holds programmes in Lerab Ling, for children and teenagers to help them cultivate universal human values and explore questions about the world including interdependence and interconnectedness. It offer tools for cultivating mindfulness, meditation, awareness and compassion.

The Association Rigpé Yeshé is inspired by the universal and ethical values of the Buddhist tradition. Rigpé Yeshé is recognized and registered by the French Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Daniela Dalal (president)

Centre Sangha Rigpa France

Rigpa France Team 2019

Rigpa France is an ‘association loi 1901’ based in Paris with a number of branches in different parts of France. One of its branches is based in Lerab Ling. Rigpa France aims to present the Tibetan Buddhist tradition in a way that’s both authentic and best adapted to the life of contemporary men and women.

Rigpa France offers in Lerab ling a number of courses on themes such as meditation or compassion, and organizes gatherings for Rigpa students in the region. It is a volunteer based organization.

From left to right: Gilles Maniglier (President), Frédéric Chastelas, Mary Ellen Kelleher, Annie Teyssier (local team coordination)

ZAM sarl

Rigpa ZAM Team 2019

Zam is Rigpa’s online commercial outlet. It is a limited company based in Lodeve (France). It operates an online sale platform for study and practice materials.

From left to right: Robert Gassler (Gérant), Pascal Fronty (administrateur)

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