How to Get to Lerab Ling

Travelling by Airplane

Montpellier airport is situated at 94 kms from Lerab Ling. 

From Montpellier Airport to Lodève

From Lodève to Lérab Ling - Lerab Ling offers a free bus service between Lodève and Lerab Ling. This service is available for most of our events (check the "Transport" tab on the event page you are interested to come to). We will meet you at the bus stop in front of Lodève Tourist Office. Please note: this service is not available for personal retreats.

If you do not whish to use our transport, check the following pages for information - By Car, By Bus, By Taxi

Bézier Cap d'Agde Airport is situated at 93kms from Lérab ling. From ther you can travel to Lerab Ling By Car, By Taxi or By Train

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