Educators and Training -

The role of the educational team -

Our programmes are led by a multi-lingual and specially-trained team who are dedicated to creating a safe and peaceful environment for the children.

The team responds to each child's questions, fears, needs and wishes. We compile an educational outline for each programme we offer. It is crucial that each team member adapts the educational outline to the specific group of children s/he is caring for, taking into account the age and the number of children in each group, the gender distribution, their nationalities and capacities to ensure that each one can get the most benefit from the programme.

The particular qualities of each team member — some might be good in storytelling, others in sports, theatre or music etc.— also allow us to adjust the programme to the needs of the young people in the best possible way. Finally, our team members are the key element in creating an atmosphere of trust and security. Children's holiday time is infused with lasting significance: horizons open up, connecting us with our own heart and mind and with the world around us.

What some of our main Rigpé Yeshé Educators say about the programme:

Again and again I can see that during our programmes restlessness of the children settles and there is an incredible quality of stillness in the children... - Fiona, UK

Perhaps the main accomplishment of Rigpé Yeshé is that everyone gets a chance to make friends with themselves, to really explore and experiment with sitting meditation. And of course there's the deep friendships that everyone comes back to year after year - David, France

What I find most inspiring is the care and spaciousness that’s in Rigpé Yeshé. It’s more kind and spacious than any activity programme I have ever worked on. Often I hear children say they don’t get this opportunity at home or at school and that Rigpé Yeshé is a really special place for them, where they can talk about the problems that they have in their lives - Lyndi, Australia

I chose to become a team member because I wanted the children and teenagers to experience the same unforgettable things that I had. Seeing them laughing together is enough to bring tears to my eyes. It’s not about making them into little Buddhists, it’s about showing them their inner goodness, and if we’re accomplishing that then that’s the main thing. - Oonagh,Ireland

Training - Rigpé Yeshé Trainings happen regularly in different countries. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.


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