Me and my Mind - 

A Taste of Meditation.  

We welcome children from 6-13 years old to this event which is designed for children who are new to meditation as well as those more experienced with it.

The children programme is a whole day programme offered in parallel to the adult event. Children will discover how to understand their minds better and learn how to deal with emotions such as anger and jealousy. They will experience how universal values such as respect, empathy and compassion can be developed and integrated into our daily lives.

Playful mindfulness and meditation exercises adapted to each age group as well as practices to cultivate compassion will be offered several times during the day. Children will also have many opportunities to participate in workshops of meditative, creative and expressive arts, outdoor games, sports and free play. Furthermore, we will go for hikes to discover the beautiful environment of Lerab Ling.

As a special highlight, we will offer meditation sessions for the whole family.

IMPORTANT - Each child up to and including 17 years old must be accompanied by at least one parent or legal guardian who is fully responsible for their daughter/ son outside of Rigpé Yeshé Programme times. If children stay onsite, the parent or legal guardian needs to stay onsite too and in the same accommodation as their child/ren.

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