Financial Help

The Concession Fee

Our commitment is to enable anyone who wishes to come to Lerab Ling, to have access to the program, whatever their financial circumstances. We offer a concession rate for those who cannot afford the Standard Fee.

If you wish to apply for a concession fee, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note that we are only able to give reduction on event fees, there is no reduction on food, accommodation or transport. Reduction rates for events are only possible for people staying in shared cabin in the winter and a personal tents, shared platform tents in the summer, or who are staying off site.

All teachings given at Lerab Ling are offered free of charge. The fees for attending teachings and other events are set to cover travel costs and other expenses of hosting teachers and presenters, as well as organizational costs. It is our aim to keep the fees for all retreats and events as low as possible. 

The Standard Fee we ask retreatants to pay barely covers our operating costs, but we offer it to balance our needs with those of yours. For our financial health, we need as many retreatants as possible to pay the Standard Rate, but we acknowledge that for some people it is not possible.

The Retreatant Support Fund

If you are unable to pay the concession fee and need even more  financial assistance, an application can be made to the Retreatant Support Fund for additional support. Financial Help Request to go on Retreat.

This fund was established to help those who cannot afford the full costs of our retreats. It is financed by donations from other students who pay the Retreat Sponsor Fee and by cancelled deposits. It allows a limited number of students to be subsidized on group retreats, by providing the  complementary funds.

The fund is headed by a committee in Lerab Ling that meets on a regular basis to study each individual request. Please note that if you are supported by this fund once, it doesn't guarantee to always support you for future retreats. You will always be encouraged to provide some form of contribution within your possibilities.

Before asking for financial help, you first need to enter your booking in the Lerab Ling registration system. To apply for financial help to go on retreat or attend an event, please fill out this form online, no later than 30 days before the start of the event: Financial Help Request to go on Retreat.

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