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Open mind, fearless creativity

Date: from 18 to 20 May

Join David Rycroft in his drawing & painting workshop to explore how artistic activity and meditation mutually nourish each other!

Art Meditation 1smThis event is an invitation to explore our own creativity. In the inspiring environment of Lerab Ling and held in a warm atmosphere of mutual support, we will all have plenty of time and space to delve into the richness of our own creativity.

In this fourth edition, we will repeat some of the exercises seen in previous workshops, as well as explore new harmonies between art and meditation.

With the help of art exercises, one-to-one conversations and group sharing, and with references to both Buddhist philosophy and art history, we will enrich our capacity for artistic expression.

Grounded in meditation, we see if we can bring a natural ease, presence, and sparkle into our artistic activity. And if we notice how easy it is to become awkward and self-critical, we can play with that too!

A series of art exercisesinvite us to:

  • Look at the world in a fresh way, unencumbered by our usual concepts
  • Tap into our intuition and inner powers of inspiration

Meditation sessionswill give us the opportunity to:

  • Change our attitude towards self-critical thoughts and comments
  • Find relaxation, without losing clarity

By alternating art sessions with meditation sessions, we develop our confidence in our artistic activity and bring freshness and ease to our meditation.

Each day, several art activities will take place outside, where we can be directly inspired by the wonders of the natural world. There will also be plenty of space for sharing and connecting with each other.

All materials are included. All levels of artistic and meditative experience are welcome!


    Register Buttons 2019 Orange
    Please register 36 hours before the event at the latest


    START Saturday 18 May – 10am
    END Monday 20 May – 4pm

    Friday 17 May: 2-6pm and Saturday 18 May 9-9.45am
    For arrivals after 6pm on Friday, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    CONTRIBUTION to the event - €168
    (Does not include accommodation and meals)

    Teachings: English, French



ChungYingYang Bio IconDavid Rycroft is an international artist whose paintings celebrate the vitality, balance and naturalness of both the physical world and the human spirit. He has been teaching art and meditation for over 20 years.
After exhibitions in Paris (UNESCO) and London, his most recent work, "Arbres de Lumières", can be seen at the Galerie Ancien Courrier in Montpellier.
David has a Masters in Buddhist Studies and is co-founder of Mind With Heart, an international charity bringing tools for emotional health into schools.


Saturday 18
10.00am - Introduction, meditation
10.30am - Exploring the tool-box: some preliminary exercises
11.30am - Painting: exploring colour harmonies
Lunch break
02.00pm - Abstract art and emotions 
03.00pm - Compositions in nature
04.45pm - Sharing and meditation

Sunday 19
09.30am - Meditation
10.00am - Buddha images, zen calligraphy and tantric mandalas: exploring the power of art
Lunch break
02.00pm - Meditation
03.00pm - Contemplative painting in nature
04.45pm - Sharing and meditation

Monday 20
09.30am - Meditation
10.00am - Masterpiece or master peace?
Lunch break
02.00pm - Meditation
02.30pm - Pulling together and letting go
03.30pm - Sharing and conclusion

Art Meditation 3sm

Between Psychology and Buddhism, 4-5 May 2024


Journey to the land within

Dates: 4-5 May

Does maternal love have anything to do with the construction of our inner world?

In this seminar, we'll explore together the mysterious universe of the feminine in its particular dimension of being at once earth, container, source of life, protection... and many other things. This mysterious universe speaks of love, maternal love, unconditional love too.

We all have a story about maternal love and unconditional love. A story full of humanity, pleasure or suffering, attraction and repulsion, fulfilment or lack. Most of the time, we run away from our inner world to avoid finding our deepest suffering.

This event is held in French only > Go to the French page

Calm and Clear - Meditation retreat, 2-9 March 2024


An 8-day retreat to experience meditation fully

Dates :from 2 to 9 March

In the heart of the sacred environment of Lerab Ling, we offer you an eight-day meditation retreat to allow you to gradually enter into this experience of meditation.

The practice of meditation taught by the Buddha is more than just a stress management technique. In fact, the true purpose of meditation is to awaken in us the sky-like nature of mind, our unchanging pure awareness, which underlies the whole of life and death.

This path to enlightenment begins with the meditation of calm abiding (shamatha), through which we develop stability and relaxation. This is what then gradually allows our true nature to manifest

The practice of meditation is therefore a unique way to spend time and make friends with ourselves, and to begin to discover and reveal who we really are, beyond our usual concerns and patterns.

The retreat will begin with meditation instructions, which will gradually give way to meditation practice, both sitting and walking. Silence will be introduced from Day 2 and maintained for most of the retreat. It will be held by several of Rigpa's qualified meditation teachers. 

A typical day will include seven hours of alternating sitting and walking meditation. You will have the choice of sitting on a cushion or a chair for these sessions.

In addition to the meditation sessions that will take place in the temple, each day will include some time for gentle physical exercise, optional personal interviews with instructors to clarify one’s meditation practice, and time for ourselves to fully enjoy the environment of Lerab Ling.

This retreat will be held simultaneously in French and English (all the speakers are bilingual). It is open to all, although it may be preferable to have at least one year of knowledge and experience of meditation in order to derive greater benefit from such intensive practice retreat.

Please be awarethat this programme may not be suitable for people suffering from some types of mental health condition. If you have a history of mental health imbalance, please contact us to discuss the possibility of attending (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 


    Register Buttons 2019 Orange
    Please register 36 hours before the event at the latest


    STARTSaturday 2 March – 10am
    END Saturday 9 March Month – 6pm
    Check-in and pick-up badges:
    Friday 1st March: 2pm to 6pm
    Saturday 2nd March: 9am to 9.45am

    CONTRIBUTION to the event - € 256
    (Does not include accommodation and meals)

    Teachings: English, French
    Translation: English, French

    Friday 1st March
    From Lodève to Lerab Ling - 
    Free bus service - Travel time 30mn
    Departure at 5.30pm from the bus stop in front of Lodève Tourist Office



Alain BeauregardFred IconYaraVinciane Rycroft

Alain Beauregard is a physicist by training and a high-tech entrepreneur. He has been studying and practising Buddhism since 1995. Alain has been an instructor in Montreal since 2002 and has been teaching healing internationally since 2011, based on his own healing story. He is a Rigpa senior teacher and teaches primarily on healing and meditation, with a particular interest in applying the millennia-old teachings of Buddhism to modern life.

Frédéric Chastelas has been studying and practising Buddhism since 1997. Since 2009 Frédéric has been teaching meditation as part of events organised by Rigpa and helped to develop a programme of personal retreat in Lerab Ling – offering the opportunity to discover or deepen the practice of meditation to anyone who is interested. He is part of a team of instructors who hold regular courses and weekend events on meditation, compassion and other practices of Tibetan Buddhism.

Yara Vrolijks grown up in a Buddhist family, Yara devoted her time, from an early age, to Buddhist study and practice. She holds a Master's degree in Philosophy from King's College London and spent a number of years on the Milinda programme, supervised by Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche. Yara is becoming a regular in the team of instructors holding public events in Lerab Ling and is professionally trained as a Tipi emotional regulation therapist.

Vinciane Rycroft is an educator interested in ways in which the modern world can benefit from the peace, compassion and wisdom of the Tibetan Buddhist teachings. She initiated several projects, including a programme bringing mindfulness and awareness into schools, and conferences on compassion in society.


07.30 - 09.00 Breakfast
09.00 - 12.00 Session 1 (includes 20 mins of physical exercises)
12.00 - 13.00 Lunch
14.30 - 17.30 Session 2
18.00 - 19.00 Dinner
19.00 - 20.00 Session 3 (optional)

DISCOVERY DAYS 8 August, 23 August, 2 September, 28 October


Discovering buddhism, sharing lunch with the community and visiting one of the most beautiful Buddhist Temples in Europe

Come and discover a wisdom that is beneficial to everyday life, that of the teachings of Buddha and meditation. This day is an invitation to take a break and get in touch with yourself.

Please note - This event is offered in french only > Go to the french page



Unite meditation, physical movement and conviviality

Dates: from 30 March to 1 April

This stay in a natural environment that promotes inner peace, will give you a deep experience of meditation and authentic instructions rooted in Buddhist teachings.

The mornings will be devoted to meditation practice and instructions. This time we'll cover the gradual steps from calm abiding meditation to the instructions for clear seeing meditation (vipashyana). No previous meditation experience is required.

The afternoons will be dedicated to the discovery and practice of several activities such as Yoga, walking, and Qi Gong, which will be taught by experienced teachers and will allow us to experience and integrate meditation in movement.

This event is only held in French > Go to the French page 

Meditation Day


Free entry

Dates: 23 March & 18 May

You will have the opportunity to experience first-hand the benefits of meditation, as it is transmitted at its source in Tibetan Buddhism. It can unleash our natural confidence, compassion and creativity.

This day, open to all, is an introduction to meditation and is held in the magnificent setting of Lerab Ling. The basics and fundamentals of meditation will be presented in a comprehensive and accessible way.

This event is held in French only >Go to the french page



Offer your loved ones a unique and revitalising experience in an exceptional natural environment. You can choose between two ways of offering a stay at Lerab Ling to someone of your choice: a gift card or a "bon cadeau".


The gift card you offer will contribute to the event the person chooses (retreat, course, meditation break, etc.). They can use it at the end of the registration process.

This option allows them to choose the event they want from our programme. They will be able to choose the event, the dates and the accommodation.

Please note - The gift card is valid for 1 year, and can be used for our entire programme except for courses, discovery days, heritage days, or a temple visit.

Gift card orange


Only for meditation breaks, the "bon cadeau" allows you to offer a complete gift.

Please note - The “bon cadeau” packages are for 2 nights and 3 days on site, but it is entirely possible to have a longer stay. For this, please contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

bon cadeau fre orange

Serenity Weekend Getaway


Take a breath!

Dates: several possible dates

The serenity getaway weekend at Lerab Ling is a rejuvenating break, with no constraints, in a unique spiritual environment. You'll be immersed in unspoilt nature, surrounded by forests, meadows and hills. Naomi, your hostess, will tell you the amazing story of Lerab Ling, show you around the temple - one of the most beautiful in Europe, an authentic masterpiece of Tibetan sacred art - guide you in meditation and take you for walks in the surrounding area.


Lerab Ling is one of Europe's leading centres for the study and practice of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Under the patronage of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Lerab Ling is a living monastery, home to a community of monastic and lay members. The temple is also home to unique Tibetan art, including a 7-metre-high statue of the Buddha.

Lerab Ling is ideally situated in the heart of the Haut-Languedoc Regional Natural Park, close to the Grands Causses Regional Natural Park. Since its creation in 1991, the Lerab Ling community has been taking care of the flora and fauna, making Lerab Ling a unique place where nature is preserved over 140 hectares.


On the evening of your arrival, you will share a meal with Naomi. Other meals are taken in the dining room, which is shared with the community. The cuisine is simple, mainly vegetarian, with a vegan and gluten-free option. Whenever possible, produce is sourced from Lerab Ling's own vegetable garden or from local producers. Most are organic and in season.

As far as accommodation is concerned, we offer two types of accommodation close to the temple. The choice is yours. Bed linen and towels are provided.


The studios,
with their spacious rooms and views of the temple, lake and valley, include a private bathroom, and a kitchenette.


The forest rooms
are located in three small 3-storey wooden towers. The rooms are comfortable, and a bathroom may be shared with another room.


    March : 29-31 
    April : 5-8, 12-15
    May : 7-9 
    June : 31 May - 2 June
    Other dates coming

    RegisterHere orange
    Please register 36 hours before the event at the latest


    Arrival on the 1st day, between 2.30 pm and 7 pm (check-in and pick-up badges and keys)
    Departure at your convenience the afternoon of the last day

    CONTRIBUTION all inclusive + taxes

    For one person
    Forest room: €192
    Studio: €262

    For 2 people
    Forest room: €316
    Studio: €404

    For 3 people
    Forest room: €508
    Studio: from €606

    For 4 people
    Forest room: €632
    Studio: €808

    French, English, German


Fred IconNaomi will be your hostess throughout the weekend and will be happy to make your stay at Lerab Ling as enjoyable as possible. She will adapt to your needs and answer any questions you may have.

Naomi is a writer, long-time meditator and Rigpa teacher. She trained extensively with Sogyal Rinpoche, author of the spiritual classic 'The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying'. Naomi grew up in Innsbruck, Austria. She studied physics and mathematics and obtained her doctorate from Northeastern University in Boston, USA. In 1997, she moved to Lerab Ling and has been working ever since, translating and relaying ancient Buddhist wisdom to the Western world. She is passionate about transmitting the teachings on incorporating the activities of daily life onto one's own spiritual path, called 'Practical Wisdom’.



  • 14:00 - 19:00 - Arrival, pick-up of keys, settling into your accommodation
  • 20:00 - Dinner with your hostess, in a small group


  • 07:30 - 09:00 Breakfast
  • 10:00 - 11:30 Visiting the temple and learning about meditation
  • 11:30 - 13:00 Lunch
  • Afternoon at leisure
  • From 17:30 - Dinner


  • 07:30 - 09:00 Breakfast
  • 10:00 - 11:30 Walk in the forest, accompanied by your hostess
  • 11:30 - 13:00 - Lunch
  • Afternoon at leisure
  • Departure at your convenience


  • Take time for yourself
  • Relax through meditation and walks in the forest
  • Free your mind
  • Recharge your batteries


Everything you need to know before you come

Wisdom for the Earth Weekend, 1-2 June


Meditate and act in resonance with Life

Dates: 1 & 2 June

A weekend to weave and deepen the links between Nature and our Inner Nature

Being in touch with the forest, the earth, natural cycles and biodiversity transforms us and connects us to the heart of the Living and the Sacred.

In the same way, meditation helps us to contemplate life and cultivate gratitude and wonder. This connection puts us in touch with our most authentic and intimate Inner Nature.

This event is held in French only ➜ Go to the french page

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