Datun Online - Meeting Yourself Wherever You Are

Delayed Streaming Option
Creating the environment for a meditation retreat at home

Following the cancellation of the Datun event in Lerab Ling due to the Coronavirus situation in France we have had to think creatively to offer all registered students an alternative. The Datun was never meant to be an “online” experience but with the help of the three main Datun instructors (Larry Mermelstein, Andy Karr and Lynn Friedman) and our online team, we have come up with what will hopefully allow students to create the most conducive circumstances to focus on the practice of shamatha-vipashyana at home.

Because this meditation event is now online and can be watched by anyone around the world, we also wanted to open it to all Rigpa students even if they hadn’t registered before. Participating in this online meditation retreat could be a way to discover and strengthen an awareness of your own fundamental being through the simple but powerful method of shamatha-vipashyana meditation.

Delayed Streaming option - 22 March to 12 April. For this option, all the recorded sessions will be available online so anyone can do the first 10 days of retreat. You can also watch all the videos as much as you want until 12 April.

You can also register for the Live Streaming option – 15 to 24 March. During this option, the three main Datun instructors will lead 3 daily sessions of teachings and practice with the presence of some members of the Lerab Ling community in the Guru Lhakhang. These sessions will be streamed live. More info…


Sessions will include meditation instructions and teachings from Larry Mermelstein, Andy Karr, Lynn Friedman and others, videos of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, lujong sessions (physical exercise), as well as sitting and walking meditation guidance. Please find a more detailed schedule and content outline below.

On top of this there will be the possibility of clarifying your meditation practice with instructors during live conference calls. This will happen in small groups of 4-5 students for about 45 minutes, probably several times a week. We will do our best to provide this online space but it will depend on the number of instructors available and the number of actual participants. 


  • Session 1 from 9:00 to 12:00
    The first part of the morning session will be streamed live everyday for the first 10 days. It will include morning chants, sitting, readings and meditation instructions. The instructors will also give guidelines on how to create your own meditation sessions at home for the second part of the session.
  • Session 2 from 12:00 to 12:30
    A daily alternation of live and pre-recorded lujong sessions (physical exercise) with Andy Karr and Lynn Friedman, who are students of Khenpo Tsultrim Gyatso Rinpoche who taught this particular lujong tradition.
  • Session 3 from 15:00 to 17:30
    The first part of the afternoon session will be streamed live everyday for the first 10 days and include chanting of the Seven Points of Mind Training slogans, sitting and either:

    • a talk on meditation, including the topic of the four foundations of mindfulness, or
    • a video of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche.
      This will be followed by pre-recorded videos guiding you in your sitting and walking meditations.

During the second part of this session you can either:
- continue sitting on your own or
- join a conference call with a meditation instructor and other students (schedule to be determined).

You can conclude the day when you want with the recorded closing chants.

To see the programme for Rigpa students please log in with your "Rigpa Admin & Care" email and password. If you are a student from another sangha and you think you qualify to participate to this event, please send an email to registration@rigpa.org