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Since ancient times, the spirit of generosity has been a defining characteristic of the Buddhist tradition.

Rigpa Lerab Ling is the spiritual home and heart centre of the worldwide Rigpa community. All the most important teachings given by Sogyal Rinpoche and other great contemporary Buddhist masters take place here. Rigpa’s worldwide educational programmes and study and practice materials are all planned and developed from Lerab Ling. In order that our programmes and activities can continue to help people in the most effective and beneficial way possible, your support is very much needed.

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Practices and Projects for Sogyal Rinpoche's work

Practices and Projects ...for Sogyal Rinpoche's work, his long life and the fulfilment of his vision – Please help us to accomplish a series of practices and projects to ensure Sogyal Rinpoche to live a long and fruitful life so that he can continue to bring the ultimate wisdom of the Buddha into ...

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1000 Guru Rinpoche Statues

Sponsor a Guru Rinpoche Statue A Unique Opportunity for Rigpa Sangha members to Sponsor a Guru Rinpoche statue in the Lerab Ling temple Many great masters consider this Tibetan year of the Monkey–the year of Guru Rinpoche birth–to be very sacred and an exceptional time to focus on practice. To su...

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Temple and its Sacred Art

Sacred Art and Architecture – Help Preserve the Culture of Tibet at Lerab Ling. The temple at Lerab Ling is a testimony to the richness and uniqueness of Tibetan art and culture. You can help maintain Tibet’s Buddhist tradition authentically here in the West, and take part in preserving its wisdom...

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Flowers to Khandro's Stupa

Offering Flowers To the Stupa of Khandro Tsering Chödrön – Khandro Tsering Chödrön was revered as one of the greatest woman masters of recent times and her presence at Lerab Ling during the final years of her life was a tremendous source of blessing for all who came into contact with her. In lovin...

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Practices for Sogyal Rinpoche's Work

Sponsor Practices For Sogyal Rinpoche's Work and Fulfillment of his Vision – To create the most positive circumstances for Sogyal Rinpoche’s health, long life, vision and work, Rigpa sponsors an annual programme of major practice intensives (drupchen) and prayer gatherings (mönlam) at monasteries ...

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The Monastic Community

Monastic Community

Lerab Ling's Monastic Community – Lerab Ling is home to a thriving community of monastic practitioners who observe a daily schedule of prayer and meditation, following one of the most ancient lineages of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition (the Nyingma school). During the time of the Buddha monks and n...

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Wills and Legacies

What will our legacy be? Perhaps the greatest legacy you can leave to the world is the gift of wisdom. The timeless wisdom of the Buddha’s teaching is as relevant now as it was 2,500 years ago. Today, these ancient teachings are bringing benefit to countless people all over the world, and are he...

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