Growing with Change.

Understanding and working with the uncertainty of change

As we grow older and wiser, we become more and more aware of how fragile and fleeting our human existence really is.

This raises questions like how to give meaning to our lives in the light of change and uncertainty? How can we adjust and grow in being at ease in any situation and create a feeling of peace?

Odile Bio Icon2JC Sejourne Bio IconDuring this event, held by Odile de Simone and Jean-Claude Séjourné, we will use meditation and compassionate practices such as Loving-kindness, contemplation, and sharing. Through these practices, derived from the wisdom teachings of the Buddha, we will explore how to fully appreciate our life, in all its aspects.

There is often an underlying feeling of unease in our lives. Our experience of this discomfort goes from a slight nervousness to a real terror. But we are simply touching the fundamental lack of security. We can relax and embrace the totally open dimension of the human condition, its freshness, unsteady character and lack of prejudice - Pema Chödrön

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