Losar Drupchös 2021

This series of practice events is open to Rigpa Dzogchen and Ngöndro Mandala students who know how to practise sadhana* and qualified Vajrayana students from other sanghas.


Lerab Ling will be hosting four of the most powerful practice events around Losar to remove the negativity of the old, and to create the most auspicious circumstances for the new Tibetan year.

This series of drupchös, held by Rigpa students during the Losar period, is unique in the West. At this time, it is exceptionally important that we come together to uphold the Vajrayana practices and strengthen our resolve to progress on the path. This will support the harmony and flourishing of our sangha.

You can also make a meaningful connection with these practices by making an offering online dedicated to remove obstacles for yourself or a loved one. Your dedication will be projected on the screens during the practices.

PLEASE NOTE - Due to the uncertainty of the covid situation, the Losar Drupchös and practice intensive could be changed into an online event. We will publish any changes on this page and send an email to whoever is already registered.

*To know how to practise sadhana means:

  • Having a firm grounding in the practice of Ngöndro, which includes having received all the Ngöndro teachings, up to and including guru yoga, as well as having accumulated at least 25% of the Ngöndro;
  • Having already received a Vajrayana empowerment from a qualified master and being committed to keeping the specific Vajrayana precepts;
  • Additionally, you have received instructions for sadhana practice, including a basic understanding of the view, meditation and conduct of the Vajrayana and its main key principles. This means you have either followed:

    • Rigpa's study and practice programme of the Vajrayana cycle from the three-year retreat, home retreat or Vajrayana online retreats streamed from Lerab Ling,
    • Or you received these instructions during previous drupchens with Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche,
    • Or you are a student from a sangha other than Rigpa and have received these instructions from a qualified Vajrayana teacher. 

Losar Rigdzin Düpa Drupchö 25-31 Jan 2021

Losar Rigdzin Düpa Drüpcho -  A Guru Rinpoche practice from the treasure cycle of Longchen Nyingtik. | VAJRAYANA | Rigdzin Düpa, ‘The Gathering of Vidyadharas' (or Awareness Holders), is a profound practice...

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Losar Yang Nying Pudri Drupchö 5 to 11 Feb 2021

Losar Yang Nying Pudri Drupchö – The Razor of the Innermost Essence. | VAJRAYANA | Yang Nying Pudri is a terma revelation of Tertön Sogyal specifically for this time, eliminates delusion, negativity...

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Losar Riwo Sangchö Live at Lerab Ling and ONLINE, 15 to 17 Feb 2021

Losar Riwo Sangchö – The practice of offering and purification. | VAJRAYANA | The two main aspects of Riwo Sangchö, 'Mountain Smoke Offering' are offering and purification. Gyalsé Shyenpen Tayé says...

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Losar Tendrel Nyesel Drupchö Live at Lerab Ling and ONLINE, 22-27 February 2021

Losar Tendrel Nyesel Drupchö– Creating Auspicious Circumstances. | VAJRAYANA | Tendrel Nyesel is a cycle of teachings and practices revealed by Tertön Sogyal. It is known for creating auspicious circumstances by...

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To see the programme for Rigpa students please log in with your "Rigpa Admin & Care" email and password. If you are a student from another sangha and you think you qualify to participate to this event, please send an email to registration@rigpa.org