Buddhism – A journey towards the nature of all things -

With Philippe Cornu.

Religion? – Way of life? – Personal development? – It is difficult to label Buddhism with any of these terms as they limit its real scope. Buddhism is an inner journey, a perception of our existence that reveals different ways to connect with ourselves and to the world around us.

Buddhism brings together a clear meaning of our existence with the understanding of compassion and the liberation from conditioning. The Buddhist tradition doesn’t offer a temporary feeling of well-being, but shows an authentic path that brings our heart and our mind together while shattering our concepts about life and the way we perceive it.

During this weekend, Philippe Cornu will focus on what it means to follow a spiritual path. He will answer your questions and hold guided meditation sessions.

This event is only offered in French  ➜ For more information go to the French page

PhilCornu Bio iconePhilippe Cornu practices Buddhism since many years and is a teacher on Buddhism and “The History of Religions” in the universities of UCL (Belgium) and INALCO (Paris). He is the author of many books such as Dictionnaire Encyclopédique du bouddhisme (Seuil, 2006) and Le bouddhisme, une philosophie du bonheur? (Seuil, 2013). He is also a senior Shedra instructor at Rigpa France.

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