The Manjushri Educational Project

Khenchen Namdrol’s educational project for destitute children.

Around Khenchen Namdrol Rinpoche’s monastery in Nepal, there are many destitute families who have no means of improving their life circumstances. They are of the lowest caste, ignored and shunned by most people, they have little to eat and have no education.

Khenchen Rinpoche believes that the best way to improve the quality of their lives is through education and so since 2012 he is providing education to 60 young Nepali- and 20 Bhutanese children. The goal of the The Manjushri Educational Project is to sponsor a full educational path over the course of the next 10 years for these children.

You can support the Manjushri Educational Project directly online.

Teacher ChildrenThe Manjushri Educational Project is now sponsoring the tuition for 60 children from class 1 to 8 in one of the best schools in Parphing, Nepal (Cardinal International Boarding High School). As the project grows it will gradually provide for more students to attend school. Khenchen Rinpoche has also provided school supplies, bags and uniforms, a healthy meal a day, as well as bus transportation to and from their homes about a 2 km ride.

Rinpoche is known to be extremely precise and careful with all the donations he receives and each month he publishes reports on his website.

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