Connected with myself and others

How to be kinder to myself and others.  

We welcome children (from 6 years old) to this event and will also offer a programme for teenagers (14 - 18 years).

In this retreat we will explore the theme “Connected with myself and others”. Children and teenagers will connect to themselves through meditation practice, cultivating mindfulness and awareness towards sensations in their body, the breath, feelings, thoughts and emotions. Through exercises which allow cultivating empathy and compassion young people will be offered tools which help connecting to others.

Several workshops are offered such as Expressive Arts (Dance, songs, role play) and Creative Arts (Painting and photography). Every day children and teenagers make the most of the beautiful environment of Lerab Ling through outdoor activities, discovering nature, free play and time simply to have fun with each other and form long-lasting friendships.

Teenagers and older children are invited to follow the live teachings happening in the temple. They are offered meditation and reflection sessions each day and can chose to learn more about Ngöndro practice and participate in Chöpon Training. Of course we will also have lots of social and fun activities including: sports, hiking, movie nights and barbecues...

A highlight : the children will prepare and perform a 'Saving lives ceremony'. 

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