Prepare for Your Retreat

Practical Information

Teachings and TranslationRetreats and events are held either in English or in French. Translation into other languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Chinese) are available at larger retreats or events according to demand. Please tell us your translation needs when you register and check the page for each event to learn more. If you do need translation, bringing your own earphones (3 mm jack) will improve the sound quality and your listening comfort. Personal Retreats are held only in French and English.

Mental HealthAll teachings given in Lerab Ling are based on Tibetan Buddhism, and are not intended to serve as a substitute for psychotherapy, psychiatric treatment or medication of any kind. If you are currently following a treatment and/or are taking medication, we ask you to first consult your doctor or therapist to see whether it is appropriate for you to come to Lerab Ling.

We ask you to not interrupt any current treatment and/or medication. Lerab Ling does not accept any responsibility in this regard. We reserve the right to ask those who are a serious threat to others or to themselves to leave Lerab Ling and seek professional help elsewhere.

Arrival and departure– When planning your trip, please arrange to be present on the very first day and remain until the end of the retreat. It is essential to participate in the first session of the retreat. The schedule for the first session is indicated for each event.

Staying at Lerab Ling – please keep the following in mind when you stay at Lerab Ling for any retreat of event:

– Out of respect for the monastic community, please adopt proper dress code (avoid miniskirts, shorts, tight fitting clothes and singlet tops).

– It is not permitted to drive on site – Please leave cars in the parking area for the safety of everyone on site and to keep a retreat environment.

Lerab Ling Services–When attending an event or retreat, the following services are available on site:

– Our Reception Desk – Open from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm for information on accommodation, transport in the region and to post any mail. (It is not possible to receive personal phone calls or emails, except in an emergency.)

– Telephone Booth (Telephone cards are sold at the Reception Desk.)

Taking Meals at Lerab Ling – La Source serves vegetarian meals at Lerab Ling. You can find the fees La Source charges in the section Meals & Accommodation in each event page. Please book all meals in advance – when you register for your retreat.

– Coffee, tea and hot water are provided for free at each retreat and event.

– Preparing and cooking meals is strictly forbidden in all rooms, tents, and other on-site areas. People staying on-site are obliged to sign up for 3 meals a day.

– Drinks and snacks can be purchased during some retreats at the Windhorse Boutique & Café during the summer.

– Mugs and thermos flasks are also available for purchase at the reception.

Windhorse Boutique offers a range of Dharma objects along with books and teachings on DVD or CD. The shop accepts cheques drawn on French banks and cash in euros, as well as MasterCard and Visa. During the winter time the Windhorse boutique has a stall on the Temple Gallery.

Creating the Best Conditions for Your Retreat

– Make all necessary arrangements – (mail, buying your tickets, confirming your flights, bank transfers, etc.) before you arrive at Lerab Ling. Making sure that all is in order beforehand will allow you to enter into the retreat more fully.

– Silence is an essential way of creating a retreat atmosphere – Periods of silence can be expected, and certain areas will be reserved for silence throughout the day.

We discourage you from bringing mobile phones, books, videos, cassettes or CDs other than those about the Dharma, as well as newspapers or magazines. There is no Internet connection available on-site.

Medical care – Lerab Ling cannot offer medical care, consultations, or medicines, as it has neither the staff nor the appropriate facilities to do so.

The closest doctor is in Le Caylar – 11 km from Lerab Ling. For more serious problems, medical facilities are located in Lodève, 15 km away. If you are currently being treated for a medical condition, or if you have allergies of any kind (insect stings and bites, asthma, etc.) please bring your own medication with you.

For urgent communication – there is an Internet café in Lodève and in Lunas. Use of the Internet and checking emails at Lerab Ling is restricted to Rigpa managers (e.g. National Directors, Teaching Services Directors).

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To see the programme for Rigpa students please log in with your "Rigpa Admin & Care" email and password. If you are a student from another sangha and you think you qualify to participate to this event, please send an email to