Lerab Ling Congregation chapter and coordination team

The Chapter of the Rigpa-Lerab Ling Congregation

Chapter 2017

The Lerab Ling Chapter (known as Lerab Ling Board) upholds the vision and spiritual integrity of Lerab Ling. Led by its superior, it gives a wide and long term perspective which steers the work of Lerab Ling’s manager and coordination team.

The chapter holds ultimate legal and financial responsibility for the Congregation and is elected for a period of three years. The next elections will take place in November 2018.

Photo: From left to right and top to bottom - Ane Lhamo (Supérieure Interim), Mauro De March, Seth Dye, Robert Gassler, Dominique Hilly. Permanent guests: Cathy Blanc, Michèle Phamtan, Samuel Truscott

Rigpa Lerab Ling Congregation coordination team

Manager pics 2017

The Lerab Ling Coordination team holds the overview and the responsibility for all areas of Lerab Ling congregation.

It is responsible for holding the activity and the sustainability of the center and for enacting the chapter’s decisions for Lerab Ling. In particular it takes care of ensuring we have a balanced and sustainable programme, support for other Rigpa countries, a complete programme of spiritual practice in the temple, internal and external communication, hospitality service, and care for the community.

It meets regularly with the aim of making sure we are on track with everything, sharing information and checking interdependencies.

Photo: from left to right - 1st row: Samuel Truscott (Director Lerab Ling retreat center), Olivier Laplace (Registration), Claudia Thurn (Practice), Sébastien Reggiany (Programme), Brian Corr (shrine and its environment), Anneke Hakman (Fundraising), Helen Cargill (International services), Gill Kainey (International communications), Ian Ives (International Programme).
2nd row: Christian Kohl (IT and online retreats), Dani Landa (Hospitality), Chökyi Drolma Ngawang (Shrine and rituals), Frederic Chastelas (Public programme), Benoit Matton (Site team), Astrid Hubert (Programme), Rita Ives (Sangha Programme), Ane Sonam Palmo (First aid), Nicolas Schram (Communications and marketing)

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