Chime Pakme Nyingtik Drupchö

Long Life Practice.

Chime Pakme Nyingtik is a long-life practice of white Tara revealed by Jamyang Khyentsé Wangpo. Through the power and blessings of this practice, many masters have been able to remove obstacles to their long life, so that they can enhance their accomplishments and continue to benefit beings. It holds a place of special significance to our Sangha, since it has been particularly advised for the long life and good health of Sogyal Rinpoche. 

The practices will be presided over by Neten Chokling Rinpoche and Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche, together with over 25 Lamas and monks from the Chokling Monastery in India. 

To participate fully in the Chime Pakme Nyingtik drupchö you need to have received the specific empowerment for this practice. If you haven’t, you can still enjoy the atmosphere of this special practice time, while doing your own practice.

Accommodation on site at Lerab Ling still available for this retreat.

The drupcho is open to Rigpa mandala students. If you are not a Rigpa mandala student and you wish to attend the drupchen, please submit your request here.

If you are planning to do a Chime Pakme Nyingtik nyenpa practice, participating in this drupchö is especially recommended.

Another way to participate in the Chime Pakme Nyingtik drupchö is by making an offering online. You can dedicate your offering to a long life for yourself or a loved one with an aspiration prayer online. All the names offered in dedication will be read or projected on screen during the drupchö.

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