Be. Here. Now. – 29 July - 6 August


9-Day International Meditation Retreat

Dates: from 29 July to 6 August

In the heart of the sacred environment of Lerab Ling, we offer you a nine-day meditation retreat to allow you to gradually enter into this experience of meditation.

The practice of meditation taught by the Buddha is more than just a stress management technique to promote temporary well-being. In fact, the true purpose of meditation is to awaken in us the sky-like nature of mind, our unchanging pure awareness, which underlies the whole of life and death. This is key in accessing the lasting happiness of enlightenment.

This path to enlightenment begins with the meditation of calm abiding (shamatha), through which we achieve stability and relaxation. This is what then gradually allows our true nature to manifest.

The practice of meditation is therefore a unique way to spend time with yourself, to make friends with yourself, and to begin to discover and reveal who we really are.

During this period, the first three days will focus on meditation instructions given by our Rigpa meditation teachers, who are gathering together from several countries, and who will lead the whole of this retreat. The other six days will be dedicated to a sustained practice that will alternate between sitting meditation and walking meditation. A typical day will include seven hours of alternating sitting and walking meditation. It will be perfectly fine to sit on a cushion or a chair for these sessions.

In addition to the meditation sessions that will take place in the great temple of Lerab Ling, each day will include some time for gentle physical exercise, optional personal interviews with instructors to clarify one's meditation practice, and time for ourselves to fully enjoy the environment of Lerab Ling.

Note that much of this retreat will take place in complete silence. Silence will be gradually established during the first days.

This retreat is open to all, although it may be preferable to have at least one year of knowledge and experience of meditation in order to derive greater benefit from such intensive practice retreat.


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    Please register 36 hours before the event at the latest


    START Saturday 29 July – 10am
    Check-in and pick-up badges:
    Friday 28 July: 4pm to 6pm
    Saturday 29 July: 9am to 9.45am

    END Sunday 6 August – midday

    CONTRIBUTION to the event - €288
    (Does not include accommodation and meals)

    Teachings: English
    Translation: French, German, Spanish

    Friday 28 July
    From Lodève to Lerab Ling - 
    Free bus service - Travel time 30mn
    Departure at 5.30pm from the bus stop in front of Lodève Tourist Office



Alain BeauregardFred IconMiguel OramasSasha RadovicJavier Torales

Alain Beauregard is a physicist by training and a high-tech entrepreneur. He has been studying and practicing Buddhism since 1995. Alain has been an instructor in Montreal since 2002 and has been teaching healing internationally since 2011, based on his own healing story. He is a certified Rigpa senior teacher and teaches primarily on healing and meditation, with a particular interest in applying the millennia-old teachings of Buddhism to modern life.

Frédéric Chastelas studies and practices Buddhism since 1997. Since 2009 Frédéric has been teaching meditation during events organised by Rigpa and helped to develop a programme of personal retreat in Lerab Ling – offering the opportunity to discover or deepen the practice of meditation to anyone who is interested. He is part of a team of instructors who hold regular courses and weekend events on meditation, compassion and other practices of Tibetan Buddhism.

Miguel Oramas is a Rigpa meditation teacher and Gestalt therapist based in Spain. After completing the degree in molecular biology and working as a researcher in the field, in the year 2000 he discovered the wisdom of the Buddhist teachings. For the last twenty years he has been presenting the practices of meditation and compassion to public audiences and is now participating collaboratively in several international Rigpa projects.

Sasha Radovic is a certified mindfulness teacher (MBSR, MBCT-L) and Rigpa meditation instructor. He has been studying and practicing Buddhism since 1993. Sasha’s main inspiration is in bridging ancient Tibetan Buddhist wisdom with modern psychological science methods. In recent years he has been advocating and teaching mindfulness-based approaches in mainstream, everyday settings in Montenegro and South East Europe.

Javier Torales started practising meditation in 2001, and in 2003 started to engage more deeply in the study and practice of the Buddhist teachings. He has translated hundreds of hours of teachings from many masters, that are used for Rigpa’s study programs. He is an instructor and teacher, and is following the Milinda Programme, a teacher training programme under the auspices of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche.


7:30 - 9:00 Breakfast
9:00 - 12:00 Session 1 (includes 20 mins of physical exercises)
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch
2:30 - 5:30 Session 2
6:00 - 7:00 Dinner
19:00 - 20:00 Session 3 (optional)

Bliss is Your Superpower 3-4 June


We don’t have to follow our bliss, because in reality bliss follows us!

Dates:from 3 to 4 June

Every aspect of our existence is permeated by bliss. However, out of habit, we misunderstand the very essence of who we really are. We are distracted by mind’s projections instead of resting in mind’s nature. True Bliss isn’t an experience, experiences come and go. But authentic bliss is always available. This bliss (called Mahasukha in Sanskrit or Dewa Chenpo in Tibetan) transcends circumstances and conditions; it is the indestructible nature of our being.

First we need to come to see how to transform our ordinary way of relating to ourselves and our world; we can begin to See Bliss as the nature of experience. Then, rather than chasing after bliss, we can learn to Be Bliss. In other words, we can uncover the superpower we already possess: blissful awareness.

During the workshop we'll focus on learning how to experience the natural bliss that lies within. How can we profoundly accommodate, rather than struggle, against our own mind and all the turbulent thoughts and emotions that rise? Within that moment of letting go of the struggle, we discover a subtle bliss that's always been available. Through the strength of our own natural capacity for love, which in Buddhist practice we call Karuna and Metta, we can further get to know, bring forth and experience our fundamental bliss, the nature of experience. Finally, we'll conclude with learning how to bring forth joy.

With just a little practice we can access a transformative way to be with all the usual challenges that life throws at us. Whether it’s problems at work, family disagreements, or learning how to not be overwhelmed by all the trauma and drama we live through, this workshop will be of enormous benefit. On a spiritual level, this practice is essential for awakening our true nature.


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    START Saturday 3 June – 10am
    Check-in and pick-up badges:
    Friday 2 June: 4pm to 6pm
    Saturday 3 June: 9am to 9.45am

    END Sunday 4 June – 4pm

    CONTRIBUTION to the event - €112
    (Does not include accommodation and meals)

    Teachings: English
    Translation: French



Erric SolomonErric Solomon is an author and a Buddhist teacher. Bringing together decades of Buddhist practice, a high-powered Silicon Valley career, and an abundant sense of humor, Erric speaks with an authenticity grounded in experience. Drawing on his life in the fast-paced, always on wired world, and his study under the guidance of some of the greatest masters of our time, Erric creates a bridge between modern insight and ancient wisdom.

Erric co-authored a book with Phakchok Rinpoche, Radically Happy: A User’s Guide to the Mind. It’s been translated into seven languages and is available wherever fine books are sold.
You can also find him at www.erricsolomon.org

Erric has studied and practiced Buddhism for more than two decades, including working with nearly all the greatest masters of our time including Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, and Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche. Afterwards, he completed a traditional three-year retreat. As a result, his understanding doesn’t come merely from intellectual knowledge, but through an authentic experience that comes from years of sincere practice. — Tsoknyi Rinpoche

Mastering the craft of writing software at a young age, he spent years as an executive in the high-pressure world of Silicon Valley. At the same time, Erric Solomon became a serious practitioner of Tibetan Meditation. He speaks the no-nonsense voice of a techie but with the clarity of a seasoned practitioner, presenting mind-training methods in a way that resonates with our wired world. — Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence, and Tara Bennett-Goleman, author of Emotional Alchemy

Erric is an excellent dharma teacher who brings together decades of practice, in-depth study of a wide range of Buddhist teachings, business experience (and therefore sensitivity to the concerns of busy people), and an abundant sense of humor. — Barry Boyce, Editor-in-Chief of Mindful magazine and mindful.org, author of The Mindfulness Revolution


    Our commitment is for everyone who wishes to come to Lerab Ling, to have access to our programmes, whatever their financial circumstances. We offer different options for those who are unable to pay the standard contribution.

    More info about Lerab Ling financial support for attending our retreats/events.


    You can book your meals and/or onsite accommodation when registering for the retreat/event.

    To see the fees for accommodation and meals click here

    > Accommodations in surrounding villages

Coming to Lerab Ling by Bicycle


Lerab Ling is a partner of Accueil Vélo

To all our cycling friends: feel free to comeand visit the temple or its esplanade. You can also simply come and have a coffee or a cool drink on our shady terrace, with a view of the valley in which the temple is located.
We are located on the beautiful N.13 loop, on the edge of the Regional Natural Park of the Haut Languedoc.

As the temple is a lively place with many activities, please check our opening days and times on this page before coming.

We have been awarded the "Accueil Vélo" label and offer a personalised welcome to people on two wheels. We have a level parking area for bikes.


  • parking for bicycles
  • possibility to recharge your battery
  • repair kit and pump


See itinerary



Meditation and the Great Outdoors 13-16 July


How to unite meditation, body practices and conviviality

Dates: from 13 to 16 July

This special occasion will allow you, alone or with your family, to have a profound experience of meditation in a natural environment that promotes inner peace.

You will benefit from authentic instructions based on Buddhist teachings and will be able to take care of your body through a wide range of physical activities.

This programme is also open to families. Everything has been arranged so that they can be welcomed in the best possible conditions and without disturbing the peace of the other participants.

This event is only held in French > Go to the French page 

Meditation Day


Free entry

Dates: 11 February [FULLY BOOKED] and 1 April

This day of meditation discovery will be held in the unique setting of Lerab Ling and is open to all. You will discover how meditation can release our natural confidence, compassion and creativity.

The basics and fundamentals of meditation will be presented in a comprehensive and accessible way. The day will be an opportunity to experience the practice for yourself, which you can then continue at home.

This event is held in French only >Go to the french page



Meditate, practice and recharge your batteries in the middle of nature

If you feel the need to take a break from your daily life and stresses, it may be time to reconnect with nature and recharge your batteries in a peaceful atmosphere.

In the unique spiritual environment of Lerab Ling, we offer you the opportunity to experience:

You can join us for:

  • a personal retreat (open to all) to learn to meditate or deepen your practice. 
  • a sangha practice retreat (for Rigpa students only) to advance your practice and personal study.

In both cases, you will have the support of experienced instructors to guide you, and have access to a library and video teachings to further your study.

You can learn more about each of these options by clicking on one of the pictures below.

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  • Date
  • Random



Recharge, learn or deepen meditation in an environment that inspires rest, discovery and renewal

Also known as "meditation breaks", personal retreats are moments for yourself, to take a break and perhaps find your inner peace.

On a 140-hectare site in the heart of the Haut-Languedoc Regional Nature Park, Lerab Ling offers everyone the opportunity to immerse themselves in unspoilt nature and to enjoy a spiritual place of calm and serenity.

Meditation is at the heart of personal retreats. We offer two group sessions a day, guided by experienced instructors, and have a temple room, including a library and media centre, at your disposal.

Lerab Ling's environment is also conducive to outdoor meditation and nature walks, with many hiking trails.

Personal retreats are guided in French only. > go to the French page



All courses are only in French

Led by experienced instructors, a variety of courses are given at Lerab Ling throughout the year. Whether you're looking to learn meditation for the first time, deepen your meditation practice, learn more about compassion and Buddhism, or better support a loved one going through difficult times, you will find what you need.

All our course are held in FrenchGo to the French page for more info and to register.

Youth Summer Retreat 27 July - 6 August


Beat the Blues – An Exploration of Suffering

Dates: from 27 July to 6 August

Join us for a transformative summer retreat that will help you beat the blues and explore the fundamental Buddhist teachings on suffering. As humans, we naturally try to avoid suffering in our everyday lives. However, the inevitability of suffering is an undeniable part of life, just like the changing of seasons.

Buddhism offers a unique approach to understanding and transforming our internal source of suffering. During this retreat, we will delve deeper into the Buddhist teachings to gain a greater understanding of our inner and outer struggles of life.

The retreat will be split into two parts, each lasting for five days. The first part (from 27 July to 1 August) will focus on the teachings of Buddhism and contemplation about suffering. We will explore various Buddhist tools for transforming and understanding negative tendencies, both internally and externally.

The second part (from 2 to 6 August) will be a practice-oriented retreat, where we will put the Buddhist teachings into practice and deepen our intellectual understanding through meditation. While it's not mandatory to come to both parts of the retreat, we encourage you to join us for the entire retreat to get the most out of the experience.

You can either join the full retreat, or the first part.


    Register Buttons 2019 Orange
    Please register 36 hours before the event at the latest


    START Thursday 27 July – 7pm
    Check-in and pick-up badges:
    Thursday 27 July: 4pm to 6pm
    END Sunday 6 August – 4pm
    Short option ends Tuesday 1 August – 4pm

    CONTRIBUTION to the event - €130
    Short option - €65
    (Does not include accommodation and meals)

    Teachings: English & French


The Shyonnu Sangha, a community of young adult practitioners, warmly welcomes both familiar retreatants and new people eager to discover that Buddhism is a space of respect and friendship. Our aim is to make the Buddhist teachings as accessible as possible for everyone.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore the Buddhist teachings and discover tools for transforming and understanding negative tendencies. We look forward to seeing you at the Youth Summer Retreat - Beat the Blues: An Exploration of Suffering.


    Our commitment is for everyone who wishes to come to Lerab Ling, to have access to our programmes, whatever their financial circumstances. We offer different options for those who are unable to pay the standard contribution.

    More info about Lerab Ling financial support for attending our retreats/events.


    You can book your meals and/or onsite accommodation when registering for the retreat/event.

    To see the fees for accommodation and meals click here

    > Accommodations in surrounding villages

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