The Purpose of Meditation

Bringing relaxation, presence and clarity in our lives.

This meditation retreat, held in the beautiful and inspiring environment of Lerab Ling, is an opportunity to take a complete break from our busy lives, re-connect with who we really are and discover our genuine human potential.

One of the qualities we aim to cultivate through meditation is mindfulness. We may have heard about mindfulness, but have we actually experienced it? Do we know how to apply it to become more open and present in our lives?

During this event, there will be space and time to explore the tools for cultivating relaxation, presence, peace and clarity, and investigate how to bring these essential human qualities into our lives. We will enter the experience of meditation, through receiving clear instructions, guided practices and periods of silence.

Led by a team who have many years of experience in the practice of meditation and in guiding others, we will examine the timeless art of meditation practice – walking, sitting and laying down. There will be plenty of opportunities for exchange and clarification.

This fresh and experiential approach is perfect for beginners but also for those who are already more experienced in meditation and wish to deepen their understanding. It is a perfect follow-up of Rigpa's What Meditation Really Is course. 

PLEASE NOTE - for those who are not able to join the full retreat we offer a Weekend Option on 8 and 9 July.

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