Lerab Ling's Monastic Community

Lerab Ling is home to a thriving community of monastic practitioners who observe a daily schedule of prayer and meditation, following one of the most ancient lineages of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition (the Nyingma school).

During the time of the Buddha monks and nuns were completely dependent on receiving alms from lay people. So too in our present times, the monastic community of Lerab Ling rely entirely on the generosity of others for their support.

Your donation will support Lerab Ling's monastic life and activities which include: making tsa-tsas, filling statues, making takdrols, holding many different aspects of rituals throughout the whole year and during drupchös, as well as taking care of the sacred shrines in Lerab Ling. They assist in spreading the Dharma by producing and translating texts. The monks and nuns pray for the sick, deceased and those facing difficulties and provide attendance for Lamas when they visit Lerab Ling. Your support also enables them to engage in retreat, to study in the shedra and to attend teachings.

Please support our monastic community by making a donation.

As is traditional for a monastic community, they offer prayers of dedication to their sponsors and the names of all donors will be included in their practice.

Thank you for your generosity!

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