New Roof over our Holy Shrine.

The holy shrine is still the most sacred place in Lerab Ling and a home to so many treasure objects that were offered to us by great masters of many different lineages.

Some items are more than hundreds of years old and we cannot begin to imagine the preciousness of even the smallest object that is there.

The building is ageing and mainly the roof over the holy shrine needs to be replaced urgently. For many years we have been trying to patch up the roof but that is no longer adequate and we really need to do major construction to make it safe again. This will cost around €30,000.

We really need your help, so please make a donation here.

In the last 20 years, all great masters who visited Lerab Ling have been practising in the holy shrine, whose blessings are still palpable. Every day Mayumla, our monastic and lay sangha make offerings in the holy shrine and some of the most powerful practices are being held there.

Thank you so much for your help!

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