Now or Never

A weekend with Dr. Christophe Fauré on the issues and challenges of mid-life’s transitions

We hear a lot about mid-life transitions when we reach our forties and fifties. It is important to understand what actually happens between the ages of 45 and 55 in order to face this transition in a more calm and relaxed way.

With great sensitivity that distinguishes Dr. Fauré, he discusses the different aspects of life that are influenced by this transition period: the body, partner, work, relationship between children and parents, awareness of passing time, self-realization...

Christophe Fauré reveals the challenges of this inevitable transition and opens up avenues that allow us to experience it in a positive way. Without over-dramatizing, he shows us the pitfalls and how to keep moving on with knowledge, depth and wisdom. His book 'Now or Never' was winner of the Prix Psychologies Magazine / FNAC 2013

PLEASE NOTE : This event is only proposed in French.

CF CONF Icone 2016Christophe Fauré.
Psychiatrist in Paris, is the author of a series of books published by Albin Michel: Living mourning day-to-day, Broken couple - After the suicide of a loved one, Now or never. He is a speaker welcome at many conferences, a sought after debater with journalists. He regularly contributes to Psychology Magazine and on the website of Express Styles

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