Personal Retreats

Meditation and Contemplative Breaks

Lerab Ling offers everyone the opportunity to take a break from their busy daily lives in an environment that inspires rest, reflection, healing and renewal. This is a precious opportunity to nourish yourself and learn or deepen your practice of meditation.

ResizedA supportive programme – Every day from 9am to 11am and from 3pm to 4.30pm, we offer sessions of guided meditation during which you will receive teachings and instructions on meditation by a team of qualified instructors. This is followed by ‘question and answer’ sessions in a group and, for those who wish, there is time for individual interviews with instructors.

Resources – All throughout your stay, you can spend time in one of the precious shrine rooms in the Lerab Ling temple for your personal practice (meditation, yoga, tai-chi, etc.). You will also have access to a library of audio and/or video teachings on themes such as meditation, the fundamentals of Buddhism, healing, finding peace, overcoming depression, relationships and much more, to support you in your personal study.

If you wish you can take part in Daily Sadhana Practice with the Lerab Ling community of monastic and lay practitioners.

For the Rigpa Sangha – This is a special opportunity to deepen your personal practice in the unique environment of Lerab Ling. You will be supported by the guidance of experienced practitioners and have access to a wealth of study materials.

Rigpa students can also go to Dzogchen Beara, Rigpa’s long-term retreat centre in Ireland, where special retreats on the practice of Ngöndro and Tsa-sum are offered.

Team of instructors  All personal retreats are organised by a team of instructors made up of Sinsi Ong, Tensin Jigmé and Frédéric Chastelas.

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