Art'Tibet Cham Sem.

A not-for-profit humanitarian association that supports both lay and religious Tibetan communities in Tibet and the Himalayan region.

The association is held by a team of volunteers and its running costs are entirely covered by the sales from our Boutique which allows the full amount of donations to be sent directly to the recipient communities. Art’Tibet is not involved in any political activities. Founded in 2001, Art'Tibet oversees four projects:

  • The boarding school at Manali, Northern India hosts 290 children, boys and girls in equal numbers during ten months a year. The boarding school provides free education for the children who are all coming from very poor families.
  • The financing of a 3-year professional nurse training course for two young girls, who are graduates from Manali school.
  • Chokling Rinpoche’s and Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche’s nunnery in Tibet, in the Kham region which was founded by the tertön Chogyur Lingpa. The Art Tibet nuns in page 2nunnery houses 40 nuns, some of who are on the solitary retreat since 2005 when our association started to support them. The nuns are holding and practising regular drupchens of Vajrasattva, Vajrakilaya, Kurukulla and Tara.
  • The medical clinic in Bir, Northern India provides medical care for the entire population of this refugee village including 3,000 monastics of eight monasteries and 6,000 Tibetans and Indians. 

Art Tibet in page webSince 2015 Art’Tibet is supporting the clinic with the aim to improve its health care facilities which include the renovation of the surgeries, construction of a surgery unit, purchase of medical equipment as well as further training for the medical staff. More information:


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