Chime Pakme Nyingtik Drupchen 

Join the practice of 'The Heart Essence of the Sublime Lady of Immortality’ .

This event is open to Rigpa Dzogchen Mandala students, Ngöndro Mandala students who know how to practise sadhana* and qualified Vajrayana students from other sanghas.

We are very happy to announce that the tradition of holding an annual drupchen at Lerab Ling with Neten Chokling Rinpoche, Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche and monks from the Chokling Monastery in India, will continue this year.

The drupchen will be that of White Tara (Chime Pakme Nyingtik), a practice that has been especially advised for our own and other sanghas in the West. We have received many teachings and much training in this practice, and the opportunity to engage in this practice together, based on all this knowledge and experience, and in the presence of such highly accomplished masters and practitioners, has the potential to bear great fruit.

At a time when we as a sangha, the Buddhadharma in general, and the world at large, needs healing, inspiration and renewal, this practice carries great meaning and power. Please do join us to make the most of this very precious opportunity!

During the drupchen, we will request Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche to continue to share teachings with us on Vajrayana practice, as appropriate.

Elaborate practices such as this need sponsorship for the offerings of light, incense, flowers, food (tsok) and other substances that are made on a daily basis. Without the generous support of patrons and the sangha, it would be impossible even to think of hosting such a practice.

Whether or not you are able to come to Lerab Ling for this event, you are warmly invited to make an offering towards the practices. This will, of course, ensure that you are karmically connected to the merit and blessing of the practices, which have great spiritual power.

Please do give as generously as you can to enable Lerab Ling to hold this practice intensive now and in the years to come.

You can dedicate your offering in the name of a family member, a loved one, or for a particular cause. This may also be done online via the comment section. All dedications will be kept in front of the main Buddha statue in the Lerab Ling Temple throughout the drupchen, and will be honoured at the conclusion of this great cycle of practice.

A Word about Vajrayana Practice

The decision to receive empowerment and practise the Vajrayana should be mature and informed, cognizant of the special conditions of the path and the connections that are made, especially with the vajra master and vajra brothers and sisters. According to the Vajrayana texts, this is a decision that should follow a long period of careful reflection and analysis, and once taken, cannot be reversed.

* To know how to practise sadhana means:

  • Having a firm grounding in the practice of ngöndro, which includes having received all the ngöndro teachings, up to and including guru yoga, as well as having accumulated at least 25% of the ngöndro;
  • having already received a Vajrayana empowerment from a qualified master and being committed to keeping the specific Vajrayana precepts;
  • additionally, you have received instructions for sadhana practice, including a basic understanding of the view, meditation and conduct of the Vajrayana and its main key principles. This means you have either followed Rigpa's study and practice programme of the Vajrayana cycle from the three year retreat, home retreat or Vajrayana online retreats streamed from Lerab Ling, OR you received these instructions during previous drupchens with Orgyen Tobgyal Rinpoche, OR you are a student from a sangha other than Rigpa and have received these instructions from a qualified Vajrayana teacher.

To see the programme for Rigpa students please log in with your "Rigpa Admin & Care" email and password. If you are a student from another sangha and you think you qualify to participate to this event, please send an email to