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The Lerab Ling site is gradually opening its doors

Coronavirus Prevention - Updated 4 June 2020

Lerab Ling is gradually opening its site and temple to all those who wish to come visit and enjoy the beautiful weather.

For the time being, we are only open for the Sunday afternoons visits - this will allow us to welcome you in accordance with the health regulations currently in effect, and to ensure your health and well-being as well as that of our teams.

Many measures have been taken to ensure the wellbeing and good health of those who enjoy coming to Lerab Ling, and the Lerab Ling community, and to avoid playing any role in the spread of the virus.

IMPORTANT - Outside of the Sunday afternoon visits, the temple is not open to visitors. However, we will be happy to welcome you from Monday to Saturday, from 1 pm to 5 pm at the Welcome Centre located at the end of the parking lot. You will be able to visit our gardens and the external areas around the temple (free admission).

Lerab Ling will continue to monitor the situation closely and will gradually open its doors in accordance with the recommendations issued by the local and regional authorities. Updates on the development of the situation will be communicated by e-mail, on Lerab Ling's website and on Facebook.

The Lerab Ling community and staff continue to adhere to measures to prevent the spread of viruses in general (careful hand washing, respiratory hygiene, greeting without shaking hands or kissing, teleworking and online meetings, etc.).

Every day the Lerab Ling spiritual community is praying for all those affected by COVID-19. May the epidemic quickly be alleviated all over the world.