Radically Happy

Transforming your life by transforming your mind

Can we really find contentment and meaning in this incredibly stressful, hectic, always on, wired world? Yes! By understanding our mind and our heart, we can make a slight change in our perspective which creates a radical shift in our life.

Discover the path to Radical Happiness —a sense of well-being is always accessible, even when life is really challenging (and the last eighteen months have certainly presented a lot of challenges).

This program, presented by author and Buddhist teacher Erric Solomon, was developed in collaboration with Phakchok Rinpoche. Based on the ancient wisdom of Tibetan Buddhism, Radically Happy has been especially adapted to the challenges of modern life. Using meditations and contemplations, participants will get an authentic taste of the natural source of happiness, well-being and contentment that we already possess— we just need to uncover it.

Erric SolomonBringing together decades of Buddhist practice, a high-powered Silicon Valley career, and an abundant sense of humour, Erric speaks with an authenticity grounded in experience. Drawing on his life in the fast-paced, always on wired world, and his study under the guidance of some of the greatest masters of our time, Erric creates a bridge between modern insight and ancient wisdom. You can also find him at www.erricsolomon.com

“Erric has studied and practiced Buddhism for more than two decades, including working with nearly all the greatest masters of our time including Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, and Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche. Afterwards, he completed a traditional three-year retreat. As a result, his understanding doesn’t come merely from intellectual knowledge, but through an authentic experience that comes from years of sincere practice.” — Tsoknyi Rinpoche


  • 10h - 12.30h (with break) - The looking for happiness paradox.
    Here we explore the different happiness strategies we might employ in order to see if they could possibly work
    The difference between a lion and a dog
  • 14.30h - 17.30h (with break) - Basic Happiness - Mastering our Mind
    What is present moment awareness? How can we bring that into daily activities?


  • 10h - 12.30h (with break) - Interconnected Happiness Mastering our Heart
    How to live in Harmony with the interconnected nature of reality
    How to uncover our natural capacity for warm-heartedness
    Warm-heartedness in action, finding meaning in our lives
  • 14h-16.30h (with break) - Radical Happiness - Mastering Dignity
    Integrating Basic and Interconnected Happiness
    Discovering a the source of self-confidence and well-being
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