Prepare for Your Visit

Here is some useful advice for all, whether you are coming to visit the temple, to attend a conference, or to participate in a retreat.

Climate and Altitude – Lerab Ling is at an altitude of 800 metres, and the weather here is quite different from that in Lodève or Montpellier. It can be very cold and rainy all year round, even when the weather in the lower valleys is good, and it can also be very hot in summer, so, please bring appropriate clothing. The temple and its surrounding buildings are situated on a hillside, and the terrain is uneven in places. If you have difficulty with mobility, you may wish to bring walking sticks or other aid. Onsite taxi service is available on demand.

Basic Lerab Ling Rules – Lerab Ling is a centre for the study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism. To maintain an environment of prayer and study for all participants, we request you kindly to follow a few rules:

  • Please leave cars in the parking area. For the safety of everyone on site and in order to keep a retreat environment, it is not permitted to drive on site.
  • Certain areas are reserved for people who have come for a retreat. We request that those coming to visit the temple remain on designated pathways
  • Pets are not allowed on site
  • Smoking on site is forbidden, along with the use of alcohol or other drugs However, a smoking area is provided near the car park

Photos may be taken outside of the temple, but not inside the Temple.

Please Note that Lerab Ling and/or La Source cannot be held liable for any loss, theft, or damage to your personal effects that might occur anywhere on the Lerab Ling site.

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